Prosecutors Investigating Shelly Silver’s Kids Over Voter-Fraud Allegations


More bad news for embattled Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver: The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is reportedly looking into allegations of voter fraud against the speaker’s children.

As we reported earlier this week, Silver’s kids are all voting in the powerful Democratic pol’s district (presumably for their old man) despite the fact that none of them actually live there — and haven’t for quite some time.

One of his kids doesn’t even live in New York but has voted here six times while living out of state.

“Sources” tell the New York Daily News that the investigation into the alleged voter fraud is in the preliminary stages — prosecutors are trying to determine whether to embark on a full investigation.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined comment when asked for confirmation of the supposed investigation.

Two of Silver’s kids — Edward Silver, 43, and Michelle Trebitsch, 34 — are registered to vote at the speaker’s apartment at 550 Grand Street in Manhattan. Trebitsch, however, has lived in Brooklyn since 2000, and Edward Silver bought a home in Cedarhurst, Long Island, in July 2010.

One of Silver’s other children, Esther Fried, 30, owned an apartment also on Grand Street, where she is registered to vote. However, Fried sold the place down the street from her pops in 2005 and has lived in New Jersey ever since.

“The election law is clear that voters have wide latitude to vote from the residence they choose, so long as they are not dually registered. They all vote from only one place, and under New York law that is clearly legal,” Silver spokesman Michael Whyland said in a statement earlier this week.

“Latitude” is one thing — flat-out not living in the district in which you vote is another; in fact, it’s a misdemeanor in most cases and a felony in others.

Silver, who is facing Republican Wave Chan in this year’s election, is the same guy who approved paying off two women who accused his pal Vito Lopez, a disgraced Brooklyn assemblyman, of sexual harassment. The women were paid more than $130,000 to essentially keep their mouths shut about Lopez’s alleged pervy-ness, with more than $100,000 of that money coming from taxpayers.

Silver’s also the same guy who swept allegations of sexual assault against his former aide J. Michael Boxley under the rug. Two years later, Boxley pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct — in a sweetheart deal that kept him out of jail — for an attack on a different woman.

Then, in 2006, Silver and the Assembly agreed to pay $500,000 to a Jane Doe because the speaker failed to properly investigate the initial accusations and for “tolerating a culture of sexual harassment in the Assembly.”

Regardless, the voter fraud allegedly committed by his children — and covering up allegations of sexual misconduct against his buddies — probably will have no impact on the election; after all, he’s Shelly Silver.