Studio Barnhus Get Down With the Heaven’s Gate Cult


The earth is about to be recycled and only those who hate this world strongly enough will pass on to the Next Level. Or so Marshall Applewhite and his 38 Heaven’s Gate followers believed when they attempted to hitch a ride on a spaceship they believed was trailing the Hale-Bopp comet. Dressed in an LCD Soundsystem-esque all black and white, the group shuffled off this mortal sci-fi coil with 1997’s least popular house party drink — applesauce, vodka and phenobarbital.

But in a spin on an old adage, tragedy plus time equals dance party! DJ Spun, Tim Sweeney and Nick Martin’s new party of the same name attempts to unite all walks of dancefloor life under one disco ball. Their first guests, tonight at Santos Party House, are the (other) reigning kings of Swedish house — Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács, and Petter Nordkvist, better known as Studio Barnhus. The trio took some time to speak on the comet cult and explain the pressures and pitfalls of being Sweden’s second sons.

Are you familiar with the American cult that this party shares a name with? Did it make it over to Sweden?

Hale-Bopp affected the world! So yes, the news of Heaven’s Gate reached our shores too. Our local pizzeria even named a food after it: Heaven’s Gate Calzone, stuffed with ham, cheese and popcorn!

Delicious! If your music was flat-packed & sold at Ikea what would it be called?



Swedish House Mafia. What can we do about this?

We are actually very happy being Sweden’s second biggest house trio. No pressure at all, you know? We say let them take the fall! Let them stand in the line of fire while we sleep in late yet another Tuesday morning. We might not be as rich or famous but damn — we look amazing!

Will there be a parade in Stockholm after this, their last tour? I have this feeling that they’ll be like The Eagles and never really retire.

Yes, we were actually asked to host the parade but at the last minute we got bumped by Sir Paul McCartney…which is ironic since he was the second biggest Beatle.

What is the criteria for a Barnhus release? Do you put it to a vote or must it be a unanimous decision?

All music in Sweden must be played to the Swedish king — Jesper Dahlbäck. If the music in any way makes his lips twist then its OK to release! A lot of our music never makes it…

Name a few dream artists that you’d love to release tracks from.

DJ Rush, Vangelis, DMX Krew, Moondog, Rahaan and Nate Dogg.

Tell us a little bit about the making of this exceptionally good promo mix you’ve made.

We bought great music on vinyl from different shops like Fade, Hardwax and Mickes Skivor, then we mixed them one late night at Studio Barnhus while drinking mescal and dancing.

Your sets seem to encompass so many genres at once that they almost defy categorization. How do you describe what you play?

All of us love to mix in that unexpected record, it’s like a game to us, and we start fighting about who plays the last record three hours before the end. Some sets are only the last records and maybe the best part of any mix/night/sex.

How do you think the Swedish landscape has affected your music?

Bears, wolves and elk all support the deep house sound of stockholm.

Barnhus literally means ‘orphanage’ in Swedish. What are your favorite orphanage movies?

Is Hook an orphanage film? Because we love that one. Especially the dinner scene.

Kornél, you recently said that your favorite thing to sample is 1990s dance music. Who are your favorites?

Kitty on the Catwalk and Public Enemy.

Tell me about your relationship with one of NY dance music’s favorite sons — Tim Sweeney. How did you meet and form this Swedes in Space dream team?

We all look forward to seeing Tim Sweeney, his gentle ways are like valium to us.

Do you have anything to say to the train conductors who constantly drive the trains under your studio?

Where did you go? We don’t hear you anymore and we miss you.

Heaven’s Gate is tonight at Santos Party House with Tim Sweeney and Studio Barnhus

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