Guy Jumps Into a Bronx Zoo Tiger Pit And Lives To Tell the Tale


We all love the Bronx Zoo. Who doesn’t? The mini-jungle of Morris County provides fun for all age groups and houses a few animals that you wouldn’t ever think of seeing in the Big City. One of which is a tiger (actually, that’s not always true) and, sometimes, people get a little too excited about going to the Zoo.

To get from point A to point B fast, a visitor can take the monorail over the Bronx River. The train car that you ride in has no sides and passes by the most ferocious animals the Amazonian theme park has to offer. And this didn’t stop a 25-year-old man from leaping off the train car and over a 16-foot-high fence, landing in a pit occupied by Bashuta – an 11-year-old male Siberian tiger.
After about ten minutes of straight pain for the jumper, zoo officials showed up with a fire extinguisher and managed to get the tiger to leave. However, in that time, the guy had punctures all of his body, a broken arm and a broken leg.
Because that’s what happens when you jump into a tiger pit.
Once the tiger was chased away by the fire extinguisher, the jumper was told by the officials to roll under some sort of electrical fire to prevent himself from further savagery. Soon after, Bashuta was put into his holding area where he usually sleeps. The tiger had had enough for the day.
But, according to the zoo’s director, Jim Breheny, Bashuta is not the criminal in this situation: “The tiger did nothing wrong in this episode… When someone is determined to do something harmful to themselves, it’s very hard to stop.”
However, the motive behind the jump has still yet to be seen (maybe he just wanted to see what the tiger pit was all about?). As of Friday night, the man was in stable condition at a nearby hospital and the family has ordered that no more details surface about the situation.
Because, again, nobody should know if you jump into a tiger pit.