A Sweet New Cookie Shop in Essex Market


Dish #23, French-American shortbread from a cookie master

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Cookies, $2.50 to $3 each

Beurre & Sel is a tiny counter set among the stalls of Essex Market, calling to passersby with a small menu of seasoned, butter-rich shortbread. Mother and son duo Dorie and Josh Greenspan opened the shop last week, where they’re selling beautiful cookies with crisp, browned edges and golden centers.

Plain sablés are about the size of biscuits, sweet and salted, with a sparkling, sugar-encrusted top. They are lovely with a small, strong, coffee in the afternoon. And there are others to explore, like the chocolate-studded espresso — fine and sandy — and a wonderfully chewy blondie flecked with caramel.

The savory sesame cookies ($10 a packet) will make an excellent addition to cocktail hour, or a nice hostess gift, if you can resist polishing them off on your way home. Good luck with that.

Beurre & Sel
120 Essex Street

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