Ads Calling Islamic Jihadists “Savages” Hit NYC Subways. Related: “Making Graffiti” Only a Misdemeanor in New York


Just in time for day one of the meeting of the United Nations’ General Assembly — when people from across the world will be in the Big Apple to see how civilized and accepting New Yorkers are — an ad campaign is going up in the New York City subway system that calls Muslim jihadists “savages.”

We wrote about the ad — pictured above — last week. Today, the campaign kicks off in 10 subway stations throughout the city.The campaign is sponsored by the American Freedom Defense, a pro-Israeli group that apparently has no problem provoking a group of people who’s conflict-resolution skills could (ahem) use a little work.

Initially, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority declined to approve the ads due to the “demeaning” message it conveys.

However, a federal judge ruled in July that not allowing the ads violated the First Amendment rights of the AFD.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg chimed in last week, noting that as “despicable” as the ads may be, they’re still protected by the First Amendment — even though the campaign seems to suggest that all Muslims are America-hating savages hell-bent on Jihad, which, of course, they’re not.

Just for the record, “making graffiti” — like spray-painting over overtly offensive ads on New York City subways — is only a misdemeanor in New York. And that’s only if you get caught. Just sayin’. . . .