Everything Went Wrong At The Emmys


That’s the thesis of The Wrap’s Tim Molloy, who questioned some of the choices made in the envelopes–and in the telecast itself–last night.

For example, Molloy thinks it was weird to pick Two And a Half Men‘s Jon Cryer as Best Actor in a Comedy over candidates like Don Cheadle, Alec Baldwin, and Jim Parsons.

Even Cryer himself joked, “Something has clearly gone wrong!” when he was announced as the winner.

But maybe it was a sympathy vote for having endured Charlie Sheen. If so, it was fully deserved!

Molloy also feels it was debatable to hand out so many prizes to Homeland, “given a stunning year for both Mad Men, and its AMC neighbor, Breaking Bad.”

(I actually feel Golden Girls should have snuck in there and copped that one.)

And Molloy didn’t like the actual Emmy show!

He felt that a lot of host Jimmy Kimel‘s bits fell flat, though I happen to have enjoyed at least two of the ones he dismissed:

I liked the fake In Memoriam to Kimmel, as Josh Groban warbled with moist eyes.

I also laughed at the shtick where Kimmel had his parents removed from the theater because he didn’t cop the Emmy despite their long ago assurances that he could accomplish whatever he wanted!

But some questions:

What if Kimmel had won the Emmy? Would that whole bit have had to go, in favor of a “Thanks, folks” routine (maybe with Groban singing again)?

Why do other awards shows always win Emmy awards? It’s so meta!

Isn’t it great that TV provides a home for so many former movie stars? (I’m serious. it’s become a sort of Second Chance Saloon.)

And since Mad Men went away with zero wins out of 17 nominations, shouldn’t they change the name of the show to The Color Purple?

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