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Former Child Stars Who Are Now Raging Conservatives | Village Voice


Former Child Stars Who Are Now Raging Conservatives


Why so many?

It’s got to be that either they came from that sort of background–people who want to deprive certain segments of rights are often the kind of folk who push their kids into show biz.

Or that when the fame fell, these ex supernovas became desperate and sought some meaning to stay afloat, often finding solace in God (or Rush Limbaugh) and the oppressions that only He can seem to foster.

In any case, a thread talks about this very topic, listing the following kids-turned-conservatives-or-fundies.

Shirley Temple

Kirk Cameron

Danny Bonaduce

Rick Schroder

Scott Baio

Willie Aames

Lisa Whelchel

Rick Segall

Jack Wild

Candace Cameron

Keith Thibodeaux

Lance Kerwin

And there are more.


If you see a former child star, don’t ask for their autograph.

Ask them to produce their tax forms!

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