Vampires And Howard Johnson’s This Past Weekend


My days and nights are so enchantingly surreal, I wish we could switch bodies sometime.

Just this weekend I went to a special screening of Hotel Transylvania, the 3D animated film with Adam Sandler as Dracula trying to protect his 118-year-old daughter from humans, until realizing people are sort of OK when you give them half a chance.

I wondered if they really are when I was subjected to the extremely vigorous behavior of kids–and mostly their parents–all around me at the screening.

There were piercing shrieks of “Don’t do that!” “Sit down!” “Stop shaking your leg!” and “Don’t ask me again what time the movie will start!”–and those were all from the kids!

Anyway, the movie did start and the kids were suddenly quiet and relaxed, especially since all the manic energy was up there on the screen.

At an after party at Dylan’s Candy Shop, I got a T shirt, erasers, toys, chocolate, and two little burgers, so I was quiet too.

That evening, I went from the Hotel Transylvania to a motor lodge!

I saw a friend, Rutanya Alda (who some of you might know as Carol Ann from Mommie Dearest), in Murder at The Howard Johnson’s, a screwball comedy about a used car salesman, his wife, and the dentist she’s sleeping with, all trying to kill each other around various holidays.

The play–which flopped on Broadway in 1979–is silly, screwy, and cartoony, and Rutanya is delightful as the unfulfilled woman with constantly changing loyalties.

After a trip to HoJo’s in Times Square, everyone used to go to the Gaiety upstairs, but both are gone, so I went home and played with my vampire toys.

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