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And Here’s the Guy Who Has Been Robbing Everyone at Gunpoint


NYPD is now looking for a man who pulled off a quartet of robberies over the past 48 hours, including two on the same street 10 minutes apart.

The suspect, who has only been unidentified from security cameras as a bald, black male, started his string of crime around 4:20 on Sunday morning, robbing a 51-year-old man at gunpoint on East 88th Street. An hour later, the suspect robbed a 25-year-old man on East 70th.

According to police, the suspect started again nearly a day later, robbing a 42-year-old woman at gunpoint at around 2 a.m. on Monday morning on West 55th. Ten minutes later, the suspect robbed a male on the same block less than 50 yards away.

Police are asking you to contact them if you know who this robber is, or if it is you.


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