Liang’s Kitchen: A Taste of Los Angeles-Taiwanese in Flushing


I headed to Flushing the other day to pick up my seasonal share of mooncakes and happily noticed the logo of Liang’s Kitchen. I hail from the San Gabriel Valley, a Chinese-food mecca, and I’m familiar with the Taiwanese chain. So even though the restaurant is awkwardly located smack in the middle of a Best Western Hotel, I knew Liang’s Kitchen wouldn’t disappoint.

Although the Shandong beef rolls have developed a sort of cult following back in L.A., the dish hasn’t caught on here. The roll is much like a burrito: There’s a crispy pancake wrap on the exterior and thin slices of marinated beef inside, along with sweet bean sauce, pickled vegetables, and a sprinkling of cilantro. The portions were smaller than at the West Coast Liang’s Kitchens, but they tasted just as good.

Although it doesn’t say on the menu, (at least not on the English menu) Liang’s Kitchen also sells dao xiao mian, or knife-shaved noodles. The difference? They’re thicker, chunkier, and just so much more “Q” (the Taiwanese term for al dente) than regular noodles. I recommend the tomato-and-minced-pork variety. Just be sure to indicate to your server that you want it with knife-shaved noodles.

Liang’s Kitchen
133-51 39th Avenue, Flushing


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