Two Middle-Aged White Guys Wearing Suits Hail Same NYC Taxi. Slap-Fight Ensues *VIDEO*



When two middle-age white guys wearing business suits get into a fight, there are no winners — there’s just disheveled thinning hair, bruised egos, and damaged street cred. 

That said, the street cred of middle-age white guys wearing business suits is at an all-time low this morning thanks to two middle-age white guys who got into a fight over a cab last week. Video of the scuffle was then posted on YouTube.

No punches were thrown — just a few slaps and a brief headlock — and nobody was injured, which is everything you’d expect from a fight between two middle-age white guys wearing business suits.

We don’t encourage anyone to get into a fight, but if you’re gonna do it, try to not look like a couple of prepubescent girls — the street cred of others depends on it.

See the video of these two sissies slapping away at each other after the jump.

*UPDATE* Youtube has disabled the video. Our apologies. We’re looking for another version as we speak and hopefully will have something posted shortly — if possible.