Where Should I Break the Fast Tomorrow?


I wasn’t with my family for the holidays, and I wasn’t planning to fast for Yom Kippur, but I kinda changed my mind at the last minute! Where could I go with friends for a good break-the-fast meal?

Hi Anonymous,

Restaurants can become extensions of our homes in New York, especially for those of us far away from our families, figuring out how to celebrate holidays without them. A few places are offering special menus to break the fast tomorrow, and it’s definitely not too late for you to join!

Kutsher’s Tribeca will have a special menu available from 4 to 11 p.m. We’re told the restaurant is booked through 9 p.m., but later reservations can still be made. You’ll find a traditional smoked fish platter, matzo ball soup, smoked salmon salad, and kasha varnishkes with baby leeks and veal bacon, among other updated classics ($8-$29). (186 Franklin Street, 212-431-0606)

Walk in to Katz’s after sundown for deli-style gefilte fish, potato pancakes, and matzo ball soup, followed by brisket or roast chicken with string beans, and sweet potatoes with prunes. There’s honey cake or pound cake for dessert ($29.95 a person). (205 East Houston Street, 212-254-2246).

Opening up your home is a wonderful thing to do last minute, if you have the space. Consider braving the lines at Russ and Daughters for delicious smoked fish, bagels, spreads, and babka, and inviting your friends over (179 East Houston Street, 212-475-4880).

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