“Do You Worship At The Altar Of Michael Musto?”


No, it’s not me asking that.

I already know you do–and thank you, by the way!

But interestingly, Creative Loafing posed that question in an editorial titled “Call For Snark: CL Is Looking For The Next Michael Musto Or Molly Ivins.”

Asks the piece:

“Do you worship at the altar of Michael Musto or Dan Savage?

“Do Amy Sedaris, her bro David, the late Molly Ivins, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac, Sarah Vowell, and–OK, pretty much all those Jon Stewart people–send you into fits of uncontrolled giggles, often to the point of making you feel a little creepy about yourself?

“Do you consider yourself almost as smart, irreverent, and opinionated as them? (If so, you already have the correct level of ego.)”

The paper is asking for all those traits in hoping of finding someone to supply some badly needed snark to their pages.

And I must say it’s kind of flattering to have reached a point where people are looking for the new Musto–a sort of bitchy, little Mini-Me.

I just hope they’re not that good or they might become a threat!

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