Here Come Dueling Hitchcocks, Thanks To One Of The Dueling Capotes


Toby Jones (above) plays the great Alfred Hitchcock in the HBO movie The Girl, about the way the British director tormented actress Tippi Hedren (played by Sienna Miller) during the making of the 1963 nature-gone-amok thriller The Birds.

It premieres October 20, just in time to beat the Hollywood film Hitchcock, with Anthony Hopkins (below) playing the portly auteur as he made the classic Psycho and no doubt tormented some other blondes.

(That one opens in November.)

But this isn’t the first time Toby Jones has played a real-life legend that some bigger name was trying on too.

In 2006, Infamous came out, with Jones as author Truman Capote.

It was a really fine film, with heart, drama, and humor, and Jones was absolutely superb in the role–a dead ringer for the flamboyant writer.

Alas, it came after Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s turn in Capote, which won him the Oscar, so Infamous was given short shrift–unfairly knifed in the back like some of Capote’s lady friends.

Hopefully Jones won’t go psycho from this running trend in his life.

Lord knows I’d love to next see him try Margaret Thatcher.

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