Morrissey Rushes To The Aid Of An Old Lady


At the Strand bookstore, where old-school print thingies (called “books”) are on sale for discounted prices, Brit singer Morissey was perusing through the photography section the other day, as our friends at relate.

While the warbler of odes and regrets was browsing, an elderly lady customer collapsed to the ground, but Morrissey didn’t just stand there and get even more depressed.

He rushed to the woman’s aid, offering her all sorts of water and assistance, which she nobly declined when she came to, gently touching him on the cheek by way of gratitude.

The lady didn’t seem to know who Morrissey was, but she was delighted by his kindness nonetheless.

Which brings to mind two questions:

So Morrissey’s fans aren’t that old.

And why couldn’t he–and even the old broad–have sauntered over to the non-fiction table and bought some of my discounted books?

It would have helped my numbers, and that would have truly been an act of kindness.

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