Catholic Blowhard Puts Obama Bobblehead In Feces!


And he’s such a wuss he didn’t even put it in real feces.

Let me explain.

Andres Serrano‘s famous “Piss Christ”–a photo of a crucifix submerged in urine–is making a comeback, much like Christ himself did.

It’s showing at the Edward Tyler Nahem gallery at 37 West 57th.

So Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue has put out a video whereby he attacks the horror of this second coming, especially since it’s not being shown in “a dump” in gayish places like Soho, Chelsea, or the Village, where he could just ignore it, but it’ll be put in respectable people’s faces in a nice neighborhood!

As if someone will be standing in midtown holding a gun and forcing Christians to go into the gallery and look at it!

And that’s not the end of Donohue’s critique.

He sardonically claims, “I am an artist too.”

He even presents his master opus, which turns out to be a bobble head of Obama in feces.

Ha ha ha.

After all, says Donohue, pointing at the image of the President, “This is their God. Liberalism is their God.”

Alas, Donohue wussed out and used brown Play-Dough instead of actual caca.

I guess he’d rather spew the stuff than use it for politically tinged art.

Sorry, guy.

No grant.

Check out the video.

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