Food Network Launching New Health Inspection Show


The Food Network is launching a new health inspection show which debuts October 26. It’s aptly called “Health Inspectors.” Host Ben Vaughn, a former chef and a restaurant consultant, will visit one of the country’s filthiest restaurants and try to clean it up.

Some highlights from the upcoming episodes:

Rats in the Cellar: Salud restaurant in Chicago specializes in high-end Mexican food and specialty tequila cocktails, but behind the festive exterior are many health code violations.

Renegade Pirates: The staff at the Green Burrito in New Orleans claims to have the best burritos in town, but when it comes to food safety they are struggling.

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Slugs in the Walk-in: Harley’s Café in Oklahoma serves all-American comfort food and has been a staple in the community for nearly 50 years. But with a recent change of ownership health code regulations have taken a back seat in this ‘biker themed’ diner

Recipe for Disaster: O’Donnell’s, a small-town Louisiana mainstay, prides itself on its great reputation but if the staff can’t get a handle on their health violations they could lose it all.

A Game of Chicken: The owner of King Vic’s in Michigan has noble aspirations for his all-American restaurant but he’s so consumed with building his empire that he has neglected his kitchen and is buried in health code issues.