The Catholic League Responds To My Obama Bobblehead Writeup


Earlier today, I posted Catholic League irritant Bill Donohue‘s video in which he blew steam about the resurrection of Andres Serrano‘s Piss Christ work, which is being shown in a NYC gallery.

I talked about how, in the video, Donohue unveiled his own master opus, a bobblehead of President Obama steeped in cocky doody–though Donohue wussed out, only managing to place the doll in brown Play-Doh.

Well, a rep from the League quickly struck back at me with this blistering email:


Just wanted you to know the correct term is ‘magnum opus,’ not ‘master opus.’

Jeff Field
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights”

That was actually a pretty cute reply.

It didn’t state any objection to my having called Donohue a blowhard, not to mention my noting that he regularly shoots crap out of his mouth, it only alluded to a relatively minor linguistic gaffe.

But I felt equally capricious and wrote back:

“No, the correct term for your profound leader is no doubt Magnum ice cream bars.”

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