Delloyd Hill, Alleged Doctor Impostor, Possibly Carried Out Similar Schemes in Multiple States


It could be a coincidence — but it probably isn’t.

Delloyd Thomas Hill was arraigned yesterday in Queens criminal court on charges relating to a signature forgery scheme that netted him at least $415,000 in medical equipment loans. Hill’s alleged crimes are awfully similar to the Delloyd T. Hill who orchestrated a similar scam in Michigan nearly 12 years ago — but the Queens District Attorney’s Office won’t confirm or deny whether it’s the same guy.

Regardless, he is the same man with a warrant out for his arrest for a criminal case in Newport News, Va., according to a release from the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

Pretending to be a Harvard doctor with plans of opening his own medical facility, the 50-year-old Hill allegedly opened up three lines of credit with a medical equipment financing company called TCF Equipment Finance Inc.

He allegedly convinced his landlord and another individual to invest $35,000 and $30,000 respectively in his “medical facility.” He is accused of stealing the identity of six doctors who interviewed with Hill in hopes of working at the faux-facility.

Hill allegedly signed-off on the loans using the identities of those eight individuals — one line of credit for $215,000, the other for $200,000 and a third line of credit for an undisclosed amount.

As we mentioned, a man named Delloyd T. Hill was implicated in civil suit filed in the Michigan Court of Appeals. The Hill in this case was said to have defrauded a credit corporation out of more than $158,000 in 1997.

Can you guess how he did it? No?

Well, He set up two fictional medical operations — called Pyramid Medical and Metropolitan Medical and Diagnostic Services — applied for a loan with a credit corporation to purchase the medical equipment and then signed-off on the loan by forging the signatures of four doctors.

The details of the criminal case in Virginia are unclear.

If convicted on yesterday’s charges, Hill, who is being held without bail, faces up to 15 years in prison.