I’m A Judge On Brazilian TV Tonight!


I’m the Simon Cowell of Sao Paolo, the Randy Jackson of Rio.

They have a show called Broadway Dreams (Dancando na Broadway) whereby talented folk sing the songs and do the dances from the classic musical that’s the theme of that week as a panel of judges observes and picks the best one.

And the episode I was chosen to be a judge on was all about my favorite musical, A Chorus Line!

The immortal 1970s work in which Broadway chorus people revealed their hopes and fears in between dancing up a storm of precision and style.

I was in heaven watching the performers do numbers from that musical, which in a way, was the first reality show since it’s about a competition, so the TV show felt like a contest within a contest and very surreally fabulous.

And I was especially thrilled to be co-judging with Donna Drake (above left) from the original A Chorus Line!

So please take the next plane to Brazil, turn on the TV, and check out what I did for love.

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