Introducing the Enhanced BLT


From the top, it looks almost like a regular BLT.

I was lingering by Northern Spy‘s pop-up on the Highline trying to decide what to get. The egg biscuit or the BLT? Having never tried their BLT before, I decided to give it a go. Since Northern Spy is one of those farm-to-market places, I knew it had to be good, and my mind starting swimming with images of artisanal bacon, red ripe field tomatoes, and hand whipped mayo. But then my eye caught something on the menu.

Top to bottom: bread, mayo, jiggly egg, butter lettuce, Virginia ham (the American answer to prosciutto), bacon, tomato, more mayo, more bread. Bingo!

Add ham to any sandwich — $1.50
Add an egg to any sandwich- — $1.50

Well, why the hell not add both? It evened out the price to $10, and sent the protein content soaring.

I ordered the thing and the guy readily made it for me, toasting the slices of Pullman loaf in the sandwich press, piling on four slices of very smoky bacon and three of ham, slathering on the gooey white mayo, cooking and then adding the organic egg, and finally finishing the assembly and cutting it with a knife.

The sandwich was scrumptious, with extra salt and porkiness via the ham, and the egg adding immeasurably to the richness of mayonnaise. The fresh lettuce and tomato added moisture and color, and let the salty flavors shine.

After deploying three napkins to clean my face, I promised myself to get this BLT variation again soon. But what should it be called? BLTHE somehow doesn’t have much of a ring to it.

This is where to find the BLTHE.