New Jersey’s Death With Dignity Act: Yay Or Nay?


So, you’ve been given six months to live but you don’t want to wait. Should you really be forced to suffer through your final months when all you want to do is cash in the chips?

According to a New Jersey lawmaker, no, you shouldn’t — which is why he’s introduced a bill into the New Jersey state Legislature that would give doctors the permission to give end-of-life patients lethal doses of drugs so they can take their own lives.

Yes, it’s doctor-assisted suicide, which some call an act of God-less heathenry, and others call a humane way to let someone die with a little dignity.

The bill proposed by Assemblyman John Burzichelli isn’t a brand of Kevorkian-esque euthanasia; there are rules.

Under the law, the person would have to have been given less than six months to live and be of “sound mind” when making the request to end their own life. It would also require a 15-day waiting period between when the request to die is made and when a doctor hands over the drugs.

Following the initial request, the patient would need to make an additional verbal request and also one in writing. That request would have to be signed by two witnesses not associated with the patient’s end of life finances.

The God folks — as always — think it’s up to the Lord to determine when someone kicks the bucket. That’s why suicide — much like getting an abortion — is a one-way ticket to hell.

But this is a humane society — we don’t even make animals suffer through agonizing deaths.

Additionally, what’s to stop an end-of-life patient from taking a lethal dose of heroin, or some other drug, to kill themselves once they’ve decided to take their own life? Under Burzichelli’s bill, they could legally — and humanely — end it all.