Ang Lee’s Life Of Pi Opened The Festival


3-D hit the New York Film Festival with the opening night attraction, Life of Pi, a beautifully filmed voyage of awakening featuring a boy and a tiger adrift in a lifeboat.

It’s basically a love story between the kid and the animal, and I’d call it an inter-species Brokeback Mountain–to name another of Ang’s works–but I don’t want to ignite the “What next? Marrying animals?” crowd.

To cite one more Ang Lee title, this tiger isn’t crouching–it’s right up in your face and full of anger, pride, hunger, manipulation, and even dignity.

The scenes which have the two survivalists encountering all sorts of meerkats, flying fish, and dolphins are quite eye popping, as they battle the elements while Pi tries to keep the tiger alive and satisfied so he’ll have company, but also so the tiger won’t eat him.

And the result pretty much beats the odds because, as Lee himself said that night, “We’re always told, ‘Never make a movie featuring animals, kids, water, or 3D.’

“And we have them all tonight.

“I’m defying all those advices because I couldn’t help myself.”

He explained that he loved the book by Yann Martel, “and I had to tell the story.”

What a tiger.

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