Lindsay Lohan Claims Assault After a Manhattan Nightclub Encounter


Over the past month, we’ve been trying to keep up with Lindsay Lohan’s Manhattan escapades, for whatever the reason (still unsure why, exactly). But, (un)fortunately, the star loves to create news and we’re here to capture it all together and put it into blog format. So here we go again:

Last night, after a rambunctious night at Downtown nightclub, 1 Oak, Lohan brought a 25-year-old guy back to her hotel room. The guy, however, somehow had a bunch of pictures of the celebrity on his phone, taken from the 15th floor of the W Hotel, when Lohan was with a bunch of friends.
Once she saw that he had these in his possession, she tried to take the phone away from the man and he punched her in the face. According to Lohan’s account to authorities, which this is all based off of, he also tried to choke her.
Cops became aware of the situation because Lohan pulled the fire alarm after running from the room. And, now, the suspect is being held at the 13th Precinct on East 21st Street, waiting his charges and recovering from a rough Saturday night.
And that’s it. That’s all we’ve got for Ms. Lohan today.