@KaraAlongi Probably Wasn’t Abducted — She’s Probably Just A Liar


A 16-year-old New Jersey girl posted a message on Twitter yesterday saying that there was someone in her house and asking followers to call 9-1-1.

The “tweet” garnered 16-year-old Kara Alongi thousands of followers, with Twitter users worldwide re-tweeting the message — #helpfindkara started trending quickly on the social media network yesterday afternoon.

When police stopped by Alongi’s Clark home, she wasn’t there. But she probably wasn’t abducted by an intruder — she’s probably just full of shit.

Authorities now suspect that Alongi left her home voluntarily after a taxi driver identified her as the teen who called a cab shortly after the “tweet” for help. The driver says he dropped the girl off at the Rahway train station.

Adding to the suspicion that Alongi’s abduction is BS is a “tweet” posted shortly after Twitter blew up with the news of her
supposed abduction.

“Why is everyone saying I’m missing? I was jkin haha,” someone posted on Alongi’s Twitter page. The post was later deleted.

“Kara might feel that she will be in trouble if she comes home after this scare and causing a panic,” Clark Police Chief Alan Scherb
said in a statement. “At this point, all everyone cares about is seeing her safe and at her house where she belongs.”

Alongi is still missing. Authorities say the investigation is ongoing.

Check back for updates.