Republican Party Volunteer Tells People Obama’s A Muslim


When you start losing by a landslide, lie.

Even before that!

A phone message left by a Clay County Florida Republican party volunteer has raised some serious hackles since it was filled with rather calculating distortions.

Most notably, it invented a religion for Obama and used it like it’s a bad thing.

Said the woman:

“He’ll get rid of your Medicare.

“…He is a Muslim, um, he is um, got a socialistic view on the, ya know, economy, the government, the whole nine yards.

“Pay attention to Fox News.

“If you can get out and watch that movie 2016, do so. That has a lot of information.”


Is Madonna working for the Republican party now?

And how can you be socialistic and get rid of Medicare?

Someone needs to get this woman some real information.

Anyway, check out the message and scream.