Cubicles Now Served With Lunch Calling


Getting a gourmet, Vendy Award-winning food truck to park smack dab in front of your office building is nothing short of a miracle, happening perhaps never. But come this winter, the rushed midday break will be changing, all thanks to Lunch Calling, a delivery service that bridges the gap between the impending cold weather, lunchtime delivery, and New Yorker’s beloved food trucks. The concept (which is almost too good to be true) is the brainchild of finance worker Jamie Steiner and his busy lawyer wife, who could scarcely leave her desk during a 15-hour day. Both devout truck chasers, Steiner decided to create a cost-efficient platform for the vendors to continue serving the masses when Twitter-chasing in December cold is less than desirable.

Companies sign up on the Lunch Calling website, where their office building is included in a
database allowing vendors to pick and choose daily delivery times. The service gives tired
midday salad bars a run for their money, and busy nine-to-fivers will soon partake in tougher decisions like choosing a gooey Milk Truck Bacon Cheddar Blue or a Korean Kimchi taco. There are even incentives for the first person who fetches their company orders on the ground floor.