Find America’s Best Restroom in . . . New York City?


There’s a nationwide contest for best restroom going around, and New York City’s Da Marino Ristorante Italiano is in the running.

The contest is being held by Cintas Corporation, a company based in Cincinnati that manufactures and implements products like entrance mats and restroom-cleaning supplies. The winner will be announced in late fall and will receive a plaque of recognition.

The description of DaMarino’s restroom:

Arguably the main attraction might be the bathroom, which captures the essence of the Italian Renaissance, rich with its traditions and artistic legacy, all within the four narrow walls of the women’s washroom. Guests entering through the hand painted door find a “miniature Italian sanctuary” on the other side, complete with beautiful stone inlay detail on the walls, authentic Italian art and sculptures. A tranquil running waterfall compliments the soft Italian opera tunes playing in the background. Twinkling colored lights and candles around the room glow in festive red for a fun finish.

Voting, which ends on October 26, is all online. The winner of the porcelain throne will be announced in the fall.