Jack Black Tells Me About Playing A Gay


Bernie–based on the real-life story of a well-liked mortician who killed his nasty lady friend but pretended she was still alive–is out on DVD.

At the release party at Merc Bar last night, star Jack Black told me what it was like to meet the real Bernie Tiede as the movie was being prepared.

“I’d never been in a prison before,” he said.

“It’s scary.

“There are a lot of serious, dangerous creatures who like murdering people.”

And then there was Bernie.

“He has a gentleness,” said Black.

“You want to be his friend.

“The sweetest, gentlest guy being stuck in a building with hardened, scary criminals. Something doesn’t fit in this picture.”

“Except that he killed someone,” I interjected, giggling. “But did he say anything about being gay?” I wondered.

“No,” said Black.

“But it was obvious. I know that he is.

“No, I don’t feel comfortable divulging his private things.”


“I should have asked if he was gay!” he moaned. “It would have helped me now.”

Lesson to all researching actors: Do ask and they might tell.