Jeffrey Giuliano Is “Devastated” Over Fatally Shooting His 15-Year-Old Son; Lawyer Expects No Criminal Charges


The attorney for the Connecticut teacher who fatally shot his 15-year-old son last week told reporters yesterday that his client is “devastated” over what he describes as an accidental shooting. And while Jeffrey Giuliano is yet to be charged with any crimes in the case, state police say they’re still investigating the incident; charges are possible, though Giuliano’s attorney says they’re unlikely.

Details of the shooting remain unclear — the entire thing doesn’t make much sense — but here’s how Giuliano described it to police: about 1 a.m. Thursday, Giuliano got a call from his sister saying she thought someone was trying to break into her house, which is located directly next door to Giuliano’s in New Fairfield.

Giuliano, armed with what his attorney says is a licensed handgun, went next door to check things out, which is where he says he encountered a masked intruder with a weapon trying to break into his sister’s house.

Giuliano told authorities that the intruder lunged at him with the
weapon, which is when he fired multiple shots at the masked perp.

Giuliano would find out later that the person he shot was his 15-year-old adopted son Tyler.

Tyler, by all accounts, was a good kid — he did well in school and wasn’t in any trouble with the law.

“The family has literally hundreds of questions as to what Tyler was
doing, why he was wearing what he was and why he was carrying what he
was,” attorney Gene Zingaro told reporters. “Those questions will probably go unanswered

Soon after the shooting, Giuliano suspected that the
person he shot was his son, Zingaro says, because he realized Tyler was
missing — and for other reasons the attorney would not discuss, citing
the ongoing investigation into the shooting.

Zingaro says his client has fully cooperated with police, and says he cried and vomited after learning that he’d killed his son.

He went on to say that, “In my opinion, Mr. Giuliano will not be charged with any type of offense, weapon or otherwise.”

Again, though, the investigation is ongoing.