Madonna And Gaga: What Should They Sing Together?


Madonna recently remarked that she loves Lady Gaga, adding that we’ll be seeing the two divas onstage together real soon.

I guess they buried the hatchet in Katy Perry.

So what should Madonnagaga sing?

I have some ideas:

*“If Momma Was Married” from Gypsy

This duet would not only be adorable, it would give the wondrous impression that both ladies are around the same age. Gaga would be so cute as Baby June, and Madonna would jump at the chance to do Louise’s part; she’s the one who grows up to become a world famous stripper.

*”Madge, You Is My Woman Now” sung by Madonna to herself, interwoven with “Gaga, You’s My Woman Now” sung by Gaga. Double narcissism this big couldn’t fail on the charts! The two ladies won’t even have to look at each other! Or use proper grammar!

*“Me Against The Music”, the old Madonna/Britney duet. That one almost sank Brit’s career, so Madonna should trot it out again and see if it’s still got that killer touch. Hey, it’s worth a try.

*“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”, that famed Streisand/Diamond pairing. This one could end with a bitchy coup for Gaga as she hands Madge a big batch of hydrangeas and watches her cringe.

*“The Lady Is A Tramp”. Gaga already sang this chestnut with Tony Bennett, but here’s her chance to do it in a more accusatory manner, as she sneers her way through the song while pointing at Madonna.

*A medley of “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way”. Nah, too easy.