Win Tickets To See Crystal Castles’ Wednesday Show At Roseland Ballroom!


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Over the years there have been many a male/female music duo that have done the damn thang–White Stripes, Sleigh Bells, Glass Candy, Royal Trux, Captain & Tannille, She & Him, Wye Oak, Matt & Kim, Black Keys (har har) etc. etc. But none, to our minds, provide the singular, intoxicating thrill of danger posed by a live show from electro-rave basement punks Crystal Castles, which threatens at any moment to careen off the rails into abject, noise-damaged chaos. Alice Glass will straight punch you. Both she and her anemic beat making partner are both aloof and angry simultaneously, which makes exactly zero sense, but … HOLY SHIT, YOU JUST GOT PUNCHED!

ANYWAY, we’ve got a big email interview chock-full of original Crystal Castles poetry going up Wednesday, and in the meantime we’re giving away tickets to their show the same day at Roseland. All you have to do to win them is be a functioning adult human in the year 2012. That means, of course, having a Twitter account. You’ll need to follow us @soundofthecity, but you should be doing that already. To win the tickets just @ us “I DO CRYSTAL” and we’ll pull the lucky winner from our messages. Shoot us as many @s as you’d like. The more you send, the more you’ll increase your chance of winning. You’ll also likely piss everyone in your timeline off, which is just a bonus. We’ll notify the winner via DM.

So get to Tweeting. God Speed And Good Luck.