You Can Get a 1,200-Calorie Burger at Barclays Center. But You Can’t Get a 20-Ounce Soda


Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s ban on big-boy cups for non-diet sodas at New York City restaurants, theaters, and sports venues has yet to take effect. However, the new Barclays Center arena in Brooklyn already is voluntarily adhering to the new guidelines, which limit cup sizes for “sugary drinks” to 16 ounces.

But don’t worry, fatsos — while you can’t get a 20-ounce Pepsi, you can still get a 1,200-calorie burger.

So much for combating obesity.

Barclays has been lauded for its wide variety of Brooklyn-based gourmet cuisine. Included on the list of restaurants the venue hosts is Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Fatty ‘Cue barbeque, Brooklyn Cupcake, Blue Marble Ice Cream, and several other high-end/high-fat food vendors.

Just for reference, a 20-ounce Pepsi has 200 calories.

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That said, a double burger with cheese from Nathan’s has 1,178 calories, 754 of which are from fat.

let’s say you want to keep things simple with your standard Nathan’s
hotdog — you’re still consuming more calories (296) than you would if
you were to drink a Bloomberg-banned 20-ounce Pepsi, and that’s assuming you add no condiments.

In fact, you’d be pretty hard pressed to find any food item at Barclays Center that has fewer calories than a 20-ounce Pepsi, which is just the latest example of how ineffective, hare-brained and just flat-out stupid Hizzonor’s soda ban truly is if the goal is to curb obesity — it makes about as much sense as telling someone, “Don’t smoke weed, but feel free to have all the heroin and cocaine you can fit in your bloodstream.”

Again, Barclays is voluntarily adhering to Bloomberg’s guidelines. The citywide ban won’t take effect until March.