Dirty Housing Officials Convicted of Taking Bribes


Two guilty pleas entered yesterday revealed rot inside the city’s affordable-housing department.

Luis Adorno, an inspections supervisor with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and Michael Provenzano, the department’s director of construction services, both confessed to taking bribes in exchange for awarding construction contracts.

Adorno admitted that he took $100,000 in return for helping a contractor win a departmental construction contract.

Provenzano confessed that for years, he received $10,000 annually in exchange for slipping a contractor department-inspection reports, helping the contractor dodge penalties for prevailing wage violations.

The two were charged after one of the contractors involved agreed to cooperate with FBI investigators.

“These defendants flouted their responsibilities as city employees to profit personally,” FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Mary Galligan said in a statement. “When public employees favor bribe-payers, inevitably the city and the public stand to lose. The city gets substandard goods or services, or pays above market rates for them, or the public is otherwise at risk.”

Adorno has turned over the $100,000. Provenzano is giving up $30,000. They’ll be sentenced in December, when Adorno will face up to 37 months in prison, and Provenzano 30.

Here are the full complaints against Provenzano and Adorno.