Porchetta’s Pressed Chicken Sandwich


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The King of Fried Chicken Sandwiches

Lebanese chicken sandwich ($10)

No, this chicken sandwich doesn’t have the juice and wobble of the more famous porchetta, or those slivers of chewy-crisp pig skin. It may not be the porky bacchanal you usually seek at Sara Jenkins’ focused, East Village sandwich shop, but give it a go and it’s clear why the new special has stuck around for the last few months. It’s good stuff.

Elegant and crisp, the sandwich is built with lean, roasted chicken, house-made pickles, and ciabatta from Grandaisy Bakery, which crackles from a long, hot press. It’s seasoned quite aggressively with toum, a zippy Lebanese condiment made with garlic, olive oil, and salt — it obliterates the sandwich competition with its garlicky fire.

110 East 7th Street