There’s a Loosie Shooter Loose in the Bronx


On Sunday morning, a Yemeni immigrant was shot in broad daylight on his first day working at a bodega in the Bronx. He’s in stable condition, sustaining an injury where he was shot in the hip. But the reason? The customer wanted to use his credit card to buy a loosie — a single cigarette sold out of the pack — and the unidentified worker denied him to do so (because a loosie is usually only 50 cents or so; nowhere near any credit card minimum.)

In the video shown above, released by the NYPD and uploaded to YouTube by Gothamist, the assailant is seen arguing at an unseen figure, and he gets physical for a second or two. Then, hours later, he returns, hood on and gun in hand, to seek vengeance on the worker.

With the release of this footage, the cops are hoping that residents nearby are able to spot out the suspect. He has been listed as a 30-year-old African American, 5′ 9″, and around 165 pounds or so.

Readers, be on the lookout as well for two reasons: First, no person should ever suffer like that on his or her first day at work, especially those new to America; and second, no person should ever suffer like that over a loosie. That’s just not right.