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Twitter Abduction Hoaxster Kara Alongi Found Wandering Around New Jersey


The 16-year-old New Jersey girl who caused a stir on Twitter over the weekend by claiming an intruder was in her house and asking followers to call 9-1-1 was found safe and sound wandering around the NJ Turnpike last night.

“The Clark Police Department is pleased to announce that at
approximately 4:30 p.m. on October 2, 2012 Kara Alongi was found safe
and unharmed,” the Clark Police Department announced in a statement issued this morning. “She was discovered by troopers with the New Jersey State
Police walking along the side of the Turnpike near Exit 1. As dictated
by protocol she was taken to a local hospital in South Jersey for an
evaluation. Her family was notified shortly after she was found and they
were reunited at the hospital yesterday evening. A detective from the
Clark Police Department also responded to the hospital as a standard
part of a missing juvenile investigation.”

As we reported on Monday, Alongi’s “tweet” for help (above) garnered her thousands of followers, with
Twitter users worldwide re-tweeting the message — #helpfindkara started
trending quickly on the social media network Sunday afternoon.


police stopped by Alongi’s Clark home that night, she wasn’t there. But
she wasn’t abducted by an intruder — she’s just full of
shit, according to authorities.

Police suspect that Alongi left her home voluntarily after a taxi driver
identified her as the teen who called a cab shortly after the “tweet”
for help. The driver says he dropped the girl off at the Rahway train

Adding to the suspicion that Alongi’s abduction is BS is
a “tweet” posted shortly after Twitter blew up with the news of her
supposed abduction.

“Why is everyone saying I’m missing? I was jkin haha,” someone posted on Alongi’s Twitter page. The post was later deleted.

it seems pretty clear that Alongi wasn’t abducted, authorities are now
trying to figure out where she’s been for the last 48 hours. They say
they’ll release more information when it becomes available. Check back
for updates.

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