West Village Gets Its Own IHOP


The signage is up, but the news might not be good, depending on your perspective.

The conquest of New York City by national franchises continues apace, as a banner announcing a new IHOP goes up at the corner of Carmine and Varick streets in the West Village.

Note that this location is outside the Landmark Historic District, meaning the company can build out the space any way it sees fit, including garish signage and alterations to the facade of the type not permitted in most of the neighborhood.

The premises was once an independent supermarket with a particularly nice produce section, handily illustrating how franchise restaurants promulgating less-than-healthy eating habits can supplant institutions that provide good wholesome food.

On the other hand, many love IHOP and will welcome it to the neighborhood that has too few inexpensive dining options. Not the sorts of neighbors who complained about the odor produced by the recently opened East 14th Street branch of a chain that seems bent on establishing a significant presence in downtown Manhattan neighborhoods.

Let us know how you feel about this real estate development.