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Best Club Door Person


A really effective doorman is firm but not humorless, strong minded but not sadistic. What’s more, he or she must be willing to provide the first visual signpost of what you’ll be getting if you actually merit admission. Markus Kelleman serves all of that and more as a door god at the dance clubs xl and Westway (for Westgay Tuesdays) and at Vandam (the long-running Sunday-night free-for-all at Greenhouse). Kelleman is efficient, lively, and unflappable, greeting the regulars with the recognition they crave and dealing with anyone else’s flare-ups with a crisp professionalism and a chic little wink. And having studied fashion merchandising and worked as a stylist, he looks the part, with his 1920s-meets-space-age aura, complete with marcelled hair, otherworldly makeup, and Day-Glo accessories. Kelleman has never been caught repeating an outfit, though his attitude—giving clubs an arresting and polished front—is mercifully always the same. For presenting an outdoor reminder that dressing up for clubbing is still crucial, he has become the go-to clipboard-wielder for hot spots with a taste for the outrageously esoteric.