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Best Foodie Adventures: Gravesend, Brooklyn


Better than a viewing of the movie or musical Grease—and much more satisfying in a gustatory sense—is L&B Spumoni Gardens. Located in the sinister-sounding region of Gravesend (which was one of the six original towns of Brooklyn, and the only English one), it feels like a theme park with its trio of eateries. It also seems like the ’50s, even though the place was founded in 1939. Sit outside at the picnic tables (some under an overhang, if it happens to rain) and enjoy the “sheet” pizzas—square slices with the cheese underneath the sauce, and a layer of dough inside the crust that’s barely cooked. If you like cookie-dough ice cream, you’ll love this pizza. The ices are fantastic, too, but if you desire a sit-down indoor meal, seek out the restaurant at the northern end of the complex for some great red-sauced southern Italian fare. 2725 86th Street, Brooklyn, 718-372-8400, (11223)