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If it wasn’t entirely clear when Pong hit the streets, by the reign of Super Mario Brothers it was undeniable that computers were going to change the world of games forever. But even in the age of Mass Effect Three, there’s still a dedicated constituency for a different kind of game, the kind played on a board, with cards, or with pen and paper. Old-school-game lovers gained a new haven this year with the opening of the Brooklyn Strategist. Sure, it will sell you everything from a chess set to Settlers of Catan to the most obscure European domination game, but the folks at this Carroll Gardens spot see it as much as a gaming center as a store. Four evenings a week, they host different gaming clubs, for trivia gamers, Go masters, fantasy-sports buffs, D&D geeks, and Magic the Gathering aficionados. They also host after-school clubs and summer-camp sessions, and they are probably the only place in the city where you can reliably walk in and join a pick-up game of Risk. Emphasis is on strategy games, as you might expect, but you can also find American classics like Sorry. 333 Court Street, Brooklyn, 718-576-3035, (11231)