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Best Gay Bar for All Races


Chi-Chiz—the longtime Christopher Street bar favored by many African Americans—was shut down after a lot of cop harassment last year, but fortunately, Hangar Bar hangs on. The unpretentious hangout provides a friendly setting where the community can freely mix in all its colors and textures. This place is never boring. After all, the staff is upbeat, the go-go boys really get into their Obie-caliber performances, and the drinks are usually pretty strong (which might explain why the go-go boys are so loose, LOL). The bar is smack in the middle of the West Village action, where it provides a sanity-restoring stop that often leads to a longer experience and maybe even some hookup action. At the very least, you can play a game of pool and gently sway to the music while getting bumped by some colorful characters you won’t find at the twink bars. 115 Christopher Street, 212-627-2044, (10014)