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Best Gay Dance Club


They said it couldn’t be done. They said no one remembered how to dance anymore and that no one under 30 wanted to learn anyway. But when xl opened last year as part of the Out NYC hotel complex, the hungry gays lined up, and they didn’t just stand around looking for instructions. They danced. Yes, the club premiered a couple of weekly events that didn’t ignite, but they were quickly dropped, and by now, there’s a pretty solid lineup for dancing queens, with 20-Something Thursdays, Rockit Fridays, and John Blair–produced Saturdays packing in the unstoppable swivelers. The result is one of the few true dance clubs in Manhattan—a gay gamble that paid off—and the sit-down crowd gets their ya-yas out on Friday, plopping themselves at tables for the Hot Mess drag revue complete with group numbers, topical references, and a two-drink minimum. Pay it; it’ll help lighten your load, so you can dance there on the other nights. 512 West 42nd Street, 212-239-2999 (10036)