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Maybe you’re a freshman in college outfitting your dorm room. Maybe you’re an elderly sort whose shaking hands recently knocked your venerable and beloved bong off the table to shatter on the floor. The point is, we all have need of a head shop now and then, a place to buy the tools we use to consume our perfectly legal tobacco products. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Topoo Village Gifts has got you covered. Bats and dugouts; basic pipes in glass, brass, ceramic, and wood; screens; rolling machines; hookahs; shisha; overpowered butane lighters—this place has all your basics. It’s also got a full complement of high-end smoking devices, with enormous and elaborate glass pieces from the likes of Roor and Zong reaching into the hundreds of dollars, alongside high-tech delivery systems like the Topoo VP-100 vaporizer with temperature control and a digital readout. The friendly staff often rewards repeat customers with special deals, so from a strictly financial analysis, it pays to become a giant stoner. 36 St. Marks Place, 646-602-2032 (10003)