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So you’ve just moved to Williamsburg, you’ve seen all the cool kids carrying their instruments to band practice, and you wonder to yourself: Maybe I could be in a band! What’s your next move? A trip to Main Drag Music, of course. Here, the friendly and knowledgeable staff (which includes co-owner and drum specialist John Fell, formerly of bands Heroine Sheiks and China Shop) will walk you through everything you need to know about its drool-worthy selection of vintage and new guitars, basses, drums, amps, and keyboards. Or, if you want to be the quirkiest member of your soon-to-be group, you might pick up a pocket piano, a three-string mountain dulcimer, or one of the many sweet ukuleles (starting at the nice price of $35). For accessories, they have all the sticks, strings, cables, picks, sheet music, and boutique guitar-effects pedals you could possibly need. And after you break your instrument in a fit of passion onstage at your first show, come back and have the expert repairs team fix it for you. 330 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-388-6365, (11211)