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Wish you still had that concert T-shirt from your favorite band? You might just find it again at this East Village shop. Nothing makes a cotton tee softer than years of use, and these shirts have been thrashed to perfection. Chloë Sevigny, Julian Casablancas, and Kim Gordon have all been spotted browsing the racks here, which are stuffed with shirts bearing the faces of Cyndi Lauper, Adam Ant, Alice Cooper, and Morrissey, to name a few. Prices start at $35, though the rarest will go for much more, with the most valuable collector’s items decorating the walls. But it’s not all rock and roll at our best T-shirt store, Metropolis Vintage Apparel. The racks also include souvenir shirts with the names of sports teams (remember the L.A. Raiders?), films (Return of the Jedi!), and places (“Come to Aspen”), plus there’s a whole section devoted to the bad-ass graphics of Harley-Davidson. If you don’t have much dough to spare, $5 and $7 bins also carry plenty of oddball tees. And while you’re there, take a gander at the vintage boots and shoes. 43 Third Avenue, 212-358-0795, (10003)