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Best Upscale Dive Bar


On a Friday or Saturday night, 7th Street and Avenue A is the busiest corner in all of what could still be considered Alphabet City. There, the upscale dive bar—somehow, that’s a thing—Niagara is packed with partygoers, and smokers line the street. For food, the fancy diner 7A Café is open 24/7 to satisfy every drunk munchie possible. And the (in)famous Pyramid Club is just down the block, too. However, those looking to escape the madness can slide down the stairs next to Niagara to Lovers of Today, a cocktail bar with a dim candlelit environment suitable for writers working on their novels. The bar is probably no bigger than your apartment, providing a cozy spot to crawl up into with a drink like the Waterloo Sunset. It’s a mixture of chamomile and bourbon. And it’s absolutely delicious. 132 1/2 East 7th Street (10009)