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Best Used-CDs Shop


Points go to our pick for best place to buy CDs based on its punny name alone. With its mismatched shelves and handmade signs denoting CDs sorted by band names, Permanent Records is a lovingly assembled, cozy neighborhood record shop where you can camp out for an hour or so and forget that Spotify exists. Most of the selection ranges from $2 to $4, with pricier items hitting the $8 mark (brand-new CDs dip into the $20 range). But what about selling your CDs? Here’s the deal: Discs have to be in good shape (no scratches); you’re most likely to receive store credit instead of cash (but hey, the store’s albums are already marked low); and you’ll typically get about one-third of what Permanent Records will sell your CD for. The place is open to most genres of music, so you can unload a lot. We asked an employee if the store would be interested in buying our hypothetical 300-CD collection of ska and ’90s country. They were. 181 Franklin Street, Brooklyn, 718-383-4083, (11222)