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If you live in Brooklyn or Queens, it will take a long subway ride or three to get to the Bronx’s Pelham Bay Park. No worries, though, because all that sitting down and standing still will only leave you more eager to go for a walk along the park’s Kazimiroff Nature Trail. One of the most beautiful in the city—so beautiful that you’ll forget you’re even in a city, you might say—the path will lead you through secluded woods and peninsulas or out toward the always-popping Orchard Beach. Best of all, the trail is easy to walk and completely open-ended, offering a variety of routes from which you can, yes, pick your journey. We recommend the beach, of course, or cutting far east and entering City Island, a small, walkable village that offers the atmosphere of a New English fishing town and, naturally, plenty of cheap, delicious seafood. You will need to replenish those calories, after all. Pelham Bridge Road, the Bronx, 718-430-1890, (10465)