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Best Zumba Instructor


Working out is hardly tolerable, but when you break a sweat on the dancefloor, well, now that we can handle—and that’s why Zumba is so enjoyable. However, an average aerobics instructor just won’t cut it, as they need to secure several key elements to make a Zumba class effective. They obviously need rhythm and the skill to pull off cumbia, hip-hop, tango, and Bollywood all in an hour, but they also need to have personality. Julia Hubara – a performer, dance teacher, choreographer, and Zumba instructor – brings a unique flair. She makes a workout session seem more like a night out at the Boom Boom Room. She isn’t an exercise freak, but more like a girlfriend type who has amazing choreography and doesn’t make you feel like a loser when you’re not doing the steps exactly as you should—because dancing isn’t about perfection. It’s about having fun. And Hubara’s classes are exactly that. She teaches Zumba at various locations in New York; visit her Zumba page for more information.